A New Crown Remover Can Be the Beginning of A Better Dental Office


Dentistry requires great attention to detail and problem solving as it revolves around working with real people and their health. As soon as a patient is sat on a patient chair, their care is in the doctor’s hands. It is a serious duty that not only requires thorough preparation, but exceptional customer service and patient satisfaction as well. Preparation, exceptional customer service, and patient satisfaction are key factors of a successful dental office. These key factors benefit both the patient and the dental business in operation and can be easily achieved with the correct tools.

Don't Let Simple Tasks Eat Up Your Time


Crown Removal Time EfficiencyThe tools and supplies are the treasured toys in any dental office. A child will always enjoy a quality toy that is durable and multi-functional a lot more than a simple toy that, while inexpensive, is not of high quality, breaks after the third use, and does not have many features. Likewise, a dental office is a lot more efficient with quality products that contain multiple features which ultimately lead to enhanced productivity. It is pertinent to acknowledge that along with enhanced productivity comes increased time efficiency, patient satisfaction and successful procedures. There are so many dental offices working under their potential simply because they don’t have the right tools. It’s a superhero working with a sidekick that cannot keep up. When dentists are not working with the correct tools, they often find themselves spending more time than they should on simpler tasks such as crown removal. Worse yet, this time delay extends over to the next patient who is left waiting for a time longer than expected. Time is a crucial part of customer service. Patients are people with their own responsibilities; they have jobs to get to, tasks to fulfill, and errands to run. For this reason, it is very frustrating for patients when they show up on time and are taken in twenty minutes later. Customer service and patient satisfaction go hand in hand, and as a result from the negative experience patients may be led to consider other dental offices with better customer service. Every time a dentist is late to an appointment, they are at risk of losing a patient, which in turn means losing business. Of course, the lack of customer service may not deliberate, but it is nonetheless something that could easily be changed with the right tools.

Simple Tasks, Like Removing A Crown, Should Never Be Difficult

 A New Crown Remover Can Be the Beginning of A Better Dental OfficeOne solution to a simple task such as removing a crown, would be VAKKER’s Automatic Crown Remover. This crown remover is among VAKKER’s favorite items within the dental community. Its simple, yet high-tech built has earned it the nickname “the easy remover” because it is light, fast and efficient. With VAKKER’s Automatic Crown Remover there is no such thing as a stubborn crown. The dentist would have the peace of mind that the process of removing a crown and fixing it will not last longer than anticipated and patients will be treated on time. Not only will customer service improve in regards to time, but the process would also be a lot easier for the patient as well. The Automatic Crown Remover was built to not create so much pressure on a person’s tooth, a feature that is extremely helpful when dealing with more sensitive patients. Part of the struggle of being a dentist is getting sensitive patients to allow them to finish off a procedure. A dentist may be doing everything right, but it becomes very difficult when a patient wants you to pause every minute, or they need time before the actual procedure to mentally prepare. This may turn a simple procedure into a difficult task.

It is clear that dentistry is more than just an art, skill, or profession. It is a multi-faceted role that requires great attention to detail, preparation, and exceptional customer service. It is not to be taken lightly. Dentists help all kinds of people ranging from artists, to athletes, to students seeking to obtain the best and most professional dental care each time (after all it does regard their health and overall wellbeing). It is the responsibility of a dentist to fulfill their role as best as possible including how they carry themselves, and especially with what tools and supplier they choose to be their trusted partner. The VAKKER Automatic Crown Remover is only one of the many tools offered by VAKKER that is sure to help any dentist fulfill their special role as best as possible.


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